My very own Edward Cullen?? :-*

Well, ckp psl Edward kn kn ..
Time tgk Eclipse baruu sy tersedar.

Yg sy tgh tgk Eclipse w Edward Cullen!
Yes yes~

Based on hw Edward protect Bella kn, sy dpt nmpk persamaan Edward dgn Syahmi :))
Sumpah sme weh -.-'

Korg pon tawu kn cmne Syahmi protect aku?

All the time dlm muvy, i keep on laughing to myself.
Syahmi akn ada kt mne je sy ada.
Mcm Edward ada utk Bella.

And then, Syahmi tk suka guy lain rpt dgn sy.
Mcm Edward tk suka Bella rpt w Jacob.

Tp part yg plg tbb, sy tny Syahmi..
Yayunk! If u r the Ewdard Cullen, who'll be Jacob then? =.='

Syg pun kata, WTH?? Ahh! No no. Tk pyh ada any Jacob in our story :D
HAHAHAHAHA! Syg comel :p

Ok ok.
Nw, sy tk perlu laa nk berebut Robert Pattinson w all those girls out there!
Bec i've got my very own Edward Cullen.
Dy always ada utk sy.
Tk kesah laa kemana pun :-*

ILOVEYOU Syahmi Cullen :)

Baby <3

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