Everytime ..

Everytime sy pegy website tuhh, sure menangis -.-'

Nk bwt cmne?
Dah mmg dy kne pegy
Kau nk nanges wape doh?

If dy nk curang?
Pegy maty laa kn?
Belum jd laki kau lg!

If dy lupa kt kau?
Tawakal beb
Be strong laa

Mmg dy jnji tkkn bwt lg
Tp jnji lelaki manusia mne yg nk cye dherr??
Pls laa

Kalo dah mmg bkn jodoh korg, blaa laa
Tkyh tggu
Dah confem confem dy ada spare

Stop pk bole?
And and, stop pegy tgk website tuu lg!
Paham ?? '__________'

End of story :)
*The fact is, i'm still me. I'm still here hoping fr him to be him.
How strong i act, how hard he tried to convince me yet i'm still crying.
I don't cheat easily eventhough how crashed i am when he used to lie on my bck.
I'm still praying fr our evrlasting relationshp. I'm still trying to be a gd one.
Yes! I'll wait. No mttr wht those biarch said to me. Nothg will break me down.


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